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Week of April 12, 2020

HEATWAVE! House Party – Playlist Edition
Stay-home music for work or pleasure. All songs from my vinyl collection. Tips via Paypal or Venmo me @ann-glaviano.
HEATWAVE! House Party, Vol. 1 – playlist posted Friday, March 13
HEATWAVE! House Party, Vol. 2 – playlist posted Saturday, March 21 (zoom live set 3/21)
HEATWAVE! House Party, Vol. 3 – playlist posted Sunday, March 29 (zoom live set 3/28)
HEATWAVE! House Party, Vol. 4 – playlist posted Saturday, April 11 (zoom live set 4/11)

HEATWAVE! House Party Dance-Along – THE MADISON: I’ve posted a Youtube lesson on the Madison, a line dance invented by black teenagers in Columbus, OH, in 1957 that went on to become a worldwide craze. We will be learning a version of the dance that fits the Ray Bryant Combo’s recording “The Madison Time” (1960). Make my wildest fantasies come true and learn this dance so we can do it together – virtually now and IRL later. And please TAG ME IN INSTA STORIES (@annglaviano) if you actually dance along, because seeing yall dancing absolutely fills me with glee / makes me feel less like I’m all alone in a weird disembodied screenland hellscape. It’s about a 45-minute lesson and opens with a bit of history and context; section titles include “Pop Culture Time Capsule”; “Vinyl as Fossil”; “Dance as Re-Creation.” This is true nerddom. I’m sure no one is surprised.

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HEATWAVE! is an all-vinyl dance party hosted by DJ Ann Glaviano spinning soul / funk / r&b / garage / psych / pop dance jams from 1957-1974. Yes, Motown too. Yes, you can sing along. Yes, you can bring your mom. Your mom might go harder than you on the dance floor. She knows all the deep cuts.

No cover.
PRO-CONSENT, ANTI-ASSHOLE DANCE FLOOR. (Even in virtual reality.)


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