I was invited to present at PechaKucha in Baton Rouge last month. I hand-drew my slides, which got cut off a bit here, but you can watch them and listen to my more-nasally-than-usual voice here: Negative Capability Has More Fun.


ELLE write-up

I’m in the September issue of ELLE as part of their “Style Across America” feature. Topics discussed: the magic of Red, White, and Blue Thrift Stores; the pita bread at Shaya; the mussels at Oxalis; the “Rhymes with Amelia” mezcal cocktail at Twelve Mile; glueing pom-poms on straw purses (a thing I actually did this summer to very satisfactory effect); the upstairs at Euclid Records; how sweaty we all are all the time.


Week of Dance in Colorado

I was invited by the fabulous Corina Kinnear to teach contact improv to about forty kids at Kim Kinnear’s studio, Parker Dance Academy in Parker, CO. After the week was complete a few of us went for a hike in nearby Jones Pass. A great week with a lot of truly incredible women teachers and artists.

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While I was in CO, I booked a guest spot on the Motown Thursdays gig at Pearl’s in Denver. Miggy (DJ Caramello) and Mark (DJ Maladjusted) were great hosts and the dance floor was lovely and enthusiastic.

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A new series of music-and-dance concerts. The inaugural show, in June 2016, featured Jasper den Hartigh (Heat Dust, Brother/Ghost, Leaving, Subservient Fuck, Bloody Mummers); the July 2016 show featured Matt Carney (Silo Homes). More to come, including a featured spot in the new Gulf Coast Dance Festival, September 30-October 1 in the lovely Ocean Springs, MS. First photo by Benjamin Davis; second photo by Lenore Seal. Both performances at Art Klub.

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Deborah Hay

There’s a wonderful woman in Austin named Amy Morrow who has started facilitating workshops with master artists; in May I attended a week-long workshop on activism and site-specific dance with Jesse Zaritt, and last week I spent another week-long workshop exploring performance with Deborah Hay. We learned a choreography score called “Figure a Sea,” meditating on the question “What if I presume to be served by everything I see?”

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