Southwest Airlines Marketing Conference

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Melissa Erin Strain was one of the five dancers in the June 2014 Known Mass show, though I first met her on a totally different dance circuit, ie., through an O.G. attendee of my DJ night. Melissa’s a Northshore native and alum of Bloomington’s dance program. She’s got all kinds of chops (Studied Gaga in Israel? Check. Gigging as an aerialist? Check. Judging the competition dance circuit? Check. Working the commercial dance angle? Check.) and is both super warm and super pro. She asked me to jump on this last-minute gig dancing for Southwest Airline’s annual marketing conference. I love Southwest, dance gigs, and Melissa, so this one was easy. The choreography was spoofing on this popular 2014 Southwest commercial involving a bridesmaid rocking the dance floor, the Southwest crew was extremely kind and accommodating, and the other women on the gig were so lovely that we all wondered aloud, while working each other’s hair and makeup in the dressing room, why we couldn’t spend every day just like that. I left with glitter polish on my nails. God bless Melissa Erin Strain.